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As a developing country, Indonesia has a massive potential workforce. Some of them are highly skilled in the
field of sewing. They used to work in a garment foctory. However during this pandemic situation many factories
are closed down and the workers lose their job. For those who are still have a job, they have to work from home.

Luckly some of them have their own sewing machines at their home. They can take order from retail customers.
However it rarely suficient to fulfil their daily need.

Hi, we have been in garment business for years. We have passion in clothing making process. All the
craftmenship and the hard working are paid knowing that our customers are happy with the product result.

We are always reduce our waste as much as possible. For exampe, we deliver our patchwork to many home
industries to be recycled. They could produced many kinds of handcraft out of them such as doormats, toys,
even to be fiber-liked cotton.

During this pandemic situation, we still running our business. We are not fancy with a big factory building. We
emphasize on the result. We distribute some of the job to our ex-sewer in their own home. By doing this we help
them with the job and still operate the business altogether.

So who are we?
We are a bunch of people from different background and experiences. We collected our skills, knowledge, and
years fo experience. We agree to work together and committed to putting our best effort into every job we are
working on. We are a team. We are the JERES

What are we doing?
We produce woven and knitting garments according to your needs, for men, woman and children. Our business
model mostly is Original Design Manufacturer (ODM). We produce t-shirt, polo shirt, shirts, sport shirt, pajamas,
sweater, blouse, corporate uniform, thawbe, boxers, praying cloak, Muslim wear, etc.

I appreciate that You have read this far. I hope we could meet in person to discuss further about your clothing
need. We could also discuss through email and whatsupp. I am looking forward to see you there.. sampai
jumpa disana…